In 1987, the Computer Group’s success got to be too big

By 1983, it is said that the Computer Group was earning almost $1 million in a good week of college football. Overall, the Computer Group is said to have earned almost half a million dollars a week when it hit its stride. During the 1983-1984 sports year, it is estimated that the Group earned between $10-$15 million. However, even this could be an underestimate because so many people had access to the information. Much more may have been earned “off the books.”

The Computer Group: End Game
In 1987, the Computer Group’s success got to be too big. The federal government initially investigated the Group because there was a question that the Group was operating as an illegal sportsbook. However, the feds soon learned that the Computer Group was “merely” betting on the games – not operating as a book. However, after the case, the Computer Group was dead due to the various principals not cooperating with one another. One example: when the size of the network was revealed (as a result of the investigation), the statman felt like he never got his fair share. Situs Judi Bola Online Resmi

In the five years from 1980-1985, one ledger showed $14 million earned on $135 million total money bet – for a ROI of more than 10%. Overall, it is estimated that the Group achieved a winning percentage of around 60%.

Today, some of the individuals involved with the original Computer Group continue to achieve success against the spread and are successful sports “investors.” Indeed, some of these individuals are said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. So, what is the moral of the story?

Some Notes and Points
• Winning at Sports Investing is possible. However, as in other “businesses” that involve competition, only a small percent are successful in the long run.
• The Computer Group achieved 60% back when lines were “looser.” This seems to imply that this is close to an upper limit for a winning percentage. You might be able to achieve a higher winning percentage – but you may be leaving some money/units on the table by being too selective.
• Some believe that “softer lines” aided the Computer Group’s rise in prominence in 1980. This was the result of the FBI’s arrest of Bob Martin – who was the “official line” in Las Vegas from 1967 to his arrest in 1980.
• Today’s lines are “tighter” and are tougher to beat – but this just means that you might have to “settle” for a slightly lower winning percentage – or be more selective – to be successful.
• Value is important. The “leader” of the Computer Group used to compare the actual Vegas lines to the Computer Group’s output. The Group would then get money down on the games that had “value.”
• How do SportsInsights’ tools come in handy? We often talk about “Betting Against the Public.” (LINK) This is one way of finding value.
• We also highlight Smart Money methods as a way of tracking where sharps might be investing.
• Today, one advantage that we have is that more books are available – including some “low-vig” books. Some books are “sharper” than others. Some may need to balance their action a bit. All of this can help to get a better “price.”

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